The St Mary’s Patient Experience Hub started in June 2016. Below we summarise some of the completed projects and successes.

(SAMS) Patient Engagement Event – 21st November 2016

The first event of our Sharing Approaches to Maternity Services project was held at St Mary’s Hospital in front of an audience consisting of St Mary’s mothers and maternity staff. The event sought to engage mothers in exploring the maternity care pathway to gain their personal perspectives, informing the design of the rest of the project and capturing best practice in maternity services.

A Sequential Simulation (SqS) that compressed a nine-month maternity pathway into 30 minutes was delivered at the event.  The simulation featured a GP surgery, maternity clinic and ultrasound clinic (see image below).  We anticipated that the simulation would encourage mothers to remember their own experiences of the journey along the maternity care pathway, which could then be captured during the subsequent discussion.

The discussion generated themes around the lack of continuity of care during pregnancy, inconsistencies in the information given and the way in which it is provided, lack of social support, time pressures during clinical interactions, and too many or too few appointments. These themes were then incorporated into the development of the subsequent SqS simulations aiming to map North West London’s maternity services, thus allowing St Mary’s mothers to have a direct input into the future of such services.